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Necklace Line Filler

Necklace line filler is a simple treatment to treat the lines on our necks. As we age, it is common to get neck wrinkles. These can be treated very easily and with great results with dermal filler.

There may be redness and swelling following the procedure. There will be lots of red dots along the neck lines/wrinkles so that it looks like there are “scratches” along the neck in the position of the lines. We suggest wearing a scar for the week after treatment.

Amanda Jackson, FNP is known for her natural artistic ability, her eye for symmetry and balance as well as her ability to comfortably inject the face. She works both with needles and cannulas, and can choose from 3 portfolios of filler. In addition, she works closely with an in-clinic ultrasound and performs injections ultrasound guided if needed. For extra comfort, she offers Pronox a combination of nitrous and oxygen if needed. Amanda has trained under under of the WORLD'S most talented lip injectors and many other top injectors across the nation. She continues educate herself to provide her patients with beautiful results. 

You can follow her work on instagram @healthandbeautynp

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